In addition to building custom homes, Cam Bradford Homes also provides developer services for landowners seeking to subdivide and permit their land for use as a subdivision.  Our custom home community of Sawyer Sound is an example of this.  Cam Bradford Homes is happy to meet with you for an introductory consultation to discuss the steps needed to go from a vacant parcel of land to a thriving community.


Our services include helping you to find capital for your project, facilitating the zoning process, permitting with the appropriate county to establish public utilities, bidding out infrastructure such as roads, underground services, and other site work, helping to market your vacant residential lots to homeowners, as well as many other nuts and bolts processes involved in establishing a new subdivision.


Our in house real estate brokerage, Charter Real Estate, conducts our residential closings, handling FABRARs as well as vertical construction contracts.  For more info, please contact homes.