The Design Build Process

“Cam truly helped ease our concerns making this process actually an enjoyable and exciting time for our family.” – Dr. & Ms. T

Initial Meeting

Our representatives will meet with you to discuss your particular design requirements, preferred architectural styles and budget your new custom home.  We will discuss which community you wish to build in or explore lots in areas that you are interested in.  At this meeting, we will review numerous floor plan options and begin the custom home process.

Proposal Presentation

In the interval between the initial meeting and the proposal presentation, Cam will prepare a detailed proposal specifying the size, features and price of the your new custom home. At this time, you will sit down with your agent, and Cam for a detailed explanation of the proposal. After all your questions are answered, we will review example floor plans and design images in order to provide a clear direction for the Architect.

Lender Introduction

There are many different options available to finance the construction of your new custom home. At this stage, we will introduce you to several lenders so that you may discuss your specific financing requirements. You can also begin by using our mortgage calculator to see what type of loan you may want.

Plans Design

Based on the information generated during our initial meetings our Architect is commissioned. The first step of the plan design process is the Floor Plan. The initial floor plan for your home is drafted and reviewed with you in person. At this meeting we will discuss the minute detail of the floor plan, note the requested changes and communicate these comments to the Architect. Once you are completely satisfied with the floor plan, we embark on a similar process for the elevations.


After the Floor Plans and Elevations are complete to your satisfaction, we will present a contract for the construction of your new custom home which will incorporate the floor plans, elevations and specifications generated during the design process.


Once the contract is executed, the plans, specifications and contract is presented to the lender of your choosing for processing. They will then review, underwrite and appraise the proposed custom home.


After the mortgage underwriting, a closing date for your loan will be set. It will be our goal to prepare all of the construction documents, and permits so vertical construction can begin as soon as possible after the loan closing.

Pre Construction Conference

Immediately prior to the commencement of construction, we will meet on site to review the final construction documents, specifications and selections. At this meeting a detailed construction schedule will be presented to you so that you are informed of the chronology of the stages of construction and the targeted completion date.


While your home is being constructed we welcome you to visit the site as often as you wish. During the build there will be numerous formal and informal site meetings where the specifics of your custom home are discussed.

Walk Through

At the completion of construction, I will prepare a detailed punch list of any cosmetic defect, missing feature etc. I will meet with you to review this punch list and incorporate any item of concern you have.

Closing and
Move In

Once the punch list has been completed to your satisfaction, you will move in to the beautiful new custom home we have created together.

Building on Your Lot

In Real Estate it is all about location, location, location. We know that many homeowners purchase a vacant lot prior to designing and building their dream home. At Cam Bradford Builder, we are completely on board with designing and constructing a home on your lot. We can work with local county officials, HOAs, and other parties to permit and build wherever your residential lot is.

Please call us for more information about finding a lot in your desired community or in a particular area.